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Association of NPO corporation Odawara guide

 We show customer of visit around the main highlight in castle in free-lance visitor guides in Odawara-jo Castle in approximately one hour.
 We show around the history, literature, various courses to touch naturally of Odawara in plan guides. We plan 15-20 a year course. 
Name Association of NPO corporation Odawara guide
Address 3-22, Jonai, Odawara-shi
Phone number 0465-22-8800

Odawara town planning cheering party

 More than 100 times a year, it is guided tour to wait, and to make walk of Odawara.

 Of every theme including visiting residence garden of person from industry and government, Odawara merchant nonariwai shop circulation, gourmet tour wait, and can enjoy walk. Of Odawara deep together wait, and do not experience walk?

Name Odawara town planning cheering party
Address 1-5-73, Minamicho, Odawara-shi
Phone number 0465-22-2834

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