Delivery, baggage temporary custody "Odawara Station empty-handed sightseeing center"

It is store which assumed hospitality to tourist main. Including empty-handed sightseeing and shipment of souvenir wait; walk more and more usefully ♪ We accept courier service receipt and shipment.
Service contents ・The day of the empty hands convenience (baggage delivery to the accommodations of Hakone on that day)
・Baggage temporary custody
・Shopping service (on the day we deliver product which we purchased to home)
・Courier service (possible cool refrigeration correspondence)
※In the case of the use, please confirm service, rate before outing by all means to operator.
Place 1-1-7, Sakaecho, Odawara-shi
Odawara underground shopping center "harune Odawara" is inner
Business hours From 9:00 to 20:00
Inquiry Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Odawara Station empty-handed sightseeing center
TEL 080-7776-3514


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