Prince Soun Hojo honoring 500 years business

2018.11.1 update

ji* of Soun Hojo
Two years to look back.

In hope of tranquility of citizen of territory, it is made with country to idealize

 It is said that Prince first early cloud of war-torn country military commander, Odawara lord of a castle Hojo sank in 1519 and invites the 500th-year turning point in 2019.

Year the 500th-year from 1518 when Ujitsuna Hojo based on Odawara from the first early cloud for two generations left birthright to in 2018.
Age the 500th-year for 2,019 years after the death of Prince first Soun Hojo.

 By, in hope of tranquility of citizen of territory, honoring ji* of Prince early cloud which made own countries to idealize some other time
Citizen living in place of connection feels pride and, moreover, carries out various events that charm of Prince cloud reaches to tourist already.


■The first war-torn country daimyo aiming at the Soun Hojo making of nation to be able to live in peacefully

Life of Soun Hojo who ran through the age of civil strife

Of Ise that Soun Hojo ruled Bicchu Ebara-so (Ibara-shi, Okayama)
It is said that we are from.

We play an active part as monkey next a large number of people after birthright was handed over. Of Suruga which is family into which she married of older sister
We gain feud of succession to a house of the Imagawas and stand between the Imagawas and Shogunate,
We remained as the lord of a castle of founding a country temple castle (Numazu-shi, Shizuoka) in Suruga country.
Afterwards, we subjugate Izu country which had internal trouble and capture Odawara-jo Castle.

We subjugate most of Izu and Sagami in lifetime and show abilities for fief management.
We build the Eight Provinces of Kanto, the basics of prosperity of the Hojos for five generations 100 years and,
Of later war-torn country daimyo was modelled.

In 1519 (Eisho 16), we closed 64-year-old life.



We hold event in each place where Odawara and the branch castle were.
We perform history program having you feel Hojo to be closer.

■Odawara Hojo seminar

Consecutive seminars of all six times to learn about Odawara Hojo five generations and the latest study of Odawara-jo Castle

■Production Odawara-shi, Kanagawa X Ibara-shi, Okayama of early cloud denim

We carry out collaboration plan with Ibara-shi, Okayama to be said to be the ground of the birth of Soun Hojo.
By the succession of production, needlework of Atsuji textile that denim which is special product of Ibara-shi follows for a long time,
We are recognized as one of the world highest qualities.
Crowd funding recruits production of original denim which increased taste of Hojo to Ihara denim this time and produces.

■Hojo passport stamp rally

You can get original goods and specialty of Odawara when you collect stamps in event site and tourist facility.

Furthermore, in the case of the use, we can receive discount and privilege service by the presentation of this magazine in Hojo passport special treatment facility and prepare by advantageous program.

Person wanting to know in detail is special site for Soun Hojo honoring 500 years 
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