Over kamaboko street autumn liquor taste

2020.09.17 update

According to kamaboko
Over autumn liquor taste

Of ... autumn eat the way; walk ...

While drinking snacks of each store according to kamaboko and sake of all 13 storehouses of Kanagawa, and eating; event to have try out, and enjoy walk in autumn.
As for the introduction of HINEMOS added newly in 13 storehouses of sake brewery of Kanagawa preparing for more now!

    Saturday, October 3, 2020, 4th Sunday, 10th Saturday
        ・It is Sunday on Saturday, 25th for Sunday, 24 days for Saturday, 18 days for Sunday, 17 days for 11 days
■Reception hours 
    From 11:00 to 15:00

■Reception desk
  Harajuku, Oda nariwai koryukan (3-6, Honcho, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa?23)
 ※There is capacity

■Participation store
    According to kamaboko
    Scale good luck, side and store, kagosei can be crowded; soba teahouse plus hermitage, others of kamaboko street shop, Sugise, cedar and Hayase string

■Entrance fee
    Customer 2,500 yen (today's ticket is 3,500 yen) of prior ticket
    ① 300 pieces of online sale-limited: 2,500 yen
    ② 200 pieces of today's ticket sale-limited: 3,500 yen

For details
Please see official site.
Sponsorship Odawara kamaboko street activation meeting
TEL 080-9541-6914 (Konishi)
HP https://marugoto-kamabokodoriichiba.com/item/356/

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