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 We introduce book about Odawara whom the tourist association staff recommends to. We surely see when we visit Odawara after reading book before going out to Odawara to play, and, way of feeling should change!
 Tour guide book, eating and drinking book, introduction including historical novel.


The Oda original

Key person and history of Odawara to seem to know, and not to know to heap up new noted product, town from well-known store which we want to certainly know if it is local people. Deep gourmet whom trip of layover going by local railroad, Daiyuzan Line and you do not know. We pack a good one book with charm of many towns by thorough coverage.
The August 28, 2020 release

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Odawara-jo Castle publications

The purchase is possible by Odawara-jo Castle the first floor of the castle tower stand and mail order, too.

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In quest of the truth of the trip - life to great mystery Soun Hojo and the ground of connection

We reach big knot of 500 years after the death in 2019, and mood of reevaluation has been increasing.
Soun Hojo devotes himself/herself to people and gets evaluation as there is not existence to excel as military commander who respected subject.
The February 16, 2019 release

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Ayumi of history Odawara opening the Edo shogunate 500 years of war-torn country daimyo Hojo

We describe history of Odawara feudal clan where appearance of shuzui (early cloud) reaches in rivalry, alliance with neighbor countries of shi* - shichokuki, the times of Okubo, Inaba with plate.
The December 5, 2019 release

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14 Sengoku Gombe

With "Hojo" who made sure of initiation and termination of war-torn country house named state of things or - -. There is person having will towards Kyoto that went to ruin by Onin War. The name is so, Soun Hojo of Hojo after Shinkuro Ise prime of life - -. The Hojos who intense war set sail for Kanto that spread out before long, and built up huge country. "Odawara battle" destined than this is described with meaning loaded seal "*ju*on" inherited for five generations 100 years with!
The February 6, 2019 release

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Ninja guide with Ninja English translation

Ninja quite popular all over the world. English translation hits secret, weapon and ningu of emotional strength and technique body of ninja, historical famous ninja, life in food, clothing and shelter, usual times in this book and introduces very much. Please enjoy figure of real ninja slightly different from what is described in comics and animation, and Fuma ninja of Odawara appears, too.
The February 8, 2019 release

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Vassal corps of Ujiyasu Hojo

"Senior retainer a large number of people" which carry out vassal and citizen of territory rule "school people" which sometimes act for the role as the other self of the present head of a household. Without their existence, neither war (militarily) nor the rule (administration) is managed. We solve vassal corps of Ujiyasu Hojo whom historical materials remain with the whole aspect of vassal corps organization who cannot determine what kind of house each carried what role in the other war-torn country daimyoss abundantly to material!
The December 4, 2018 release

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Ishikiri and remains of production activity of stone Odawara who supported war-torn country, the Edo era

For the age of civil strife, stoneware such as stone pagoda or stone mill was made with Odawara using building stones which Hakone volcano produced. And building stones to use for stone wall of Edo-jo Castle when it was the Edo era were cut and brought down. Through material called stone, we clarify production activity of Ishikiri (mason) that supported big turning point of history from the Middle Ages to the early modern times.
The January 29, 2019 release

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Odawara walk map

Odawara-shi official recognition! Guide of Japan's most detailed Odawara.
All Odawara, circles walk. 
Special editing with "Blue Guide" of tourist editorial department!
Choice of Odawara guide book!
The September 8, 2018 release

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Hojo five generations and Odawara-jo Castle (we walk people)   Hiroshi Yamaguchi 

War-torn country conqueror, Hojo of Kanto. From appearance of shodaishuzui to East-West decisive battles with Godai direct no Hideyoshi, we show original abilities by civil administration and approach in real image of outstanding war-torn country daimyo who the whole families unite, and widened rule. Visiting stronghold Odawara-jo Castle, we visit Harajuku, Oda of Hojo Era.
The Hirofumi Kikkawa building July 30, 2018 release

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Odawara food book

Odawara food book was powerful after an interval of about three years and came back!
As for proud gourmet that SNS shines and works as, the special feature of seafood and Odawara oden only in town, Odawara of fishing port! 
Furthermore, there are present special feature and bar special feature, too!
All 160 houses which are popular in hometown!
The July 13, 2018 release

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Decline Osamu Dazai

 Popular writer Uehara who made number child who was going to live because of "love and revolution" while having impulse to ruin, Naoharu who perished by drug addiction, mother who was the last lady, oneself who postwar, lived caricature. On the stage of home of fall noble, we describe on four-like extinction bino look for 4 people.
 The stage of novel becomes Izu, but depiction of a scene similar to around barren mountain-so including Soga Bairin is seen with work.
The Shinchosha November 22, 1950 release

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Man Jun Ito who built utopia by the rule of virtue in Ujiyasu Hojo Kanto

We put up prominent ji* in Hojo five generations and describe life of Ujiyasu Hojo for the third generation when we let Hojo make rapid progress.
Strategic skill that tore 80,000 enemies in 8,000 armies of genius. The ideal domestic administration to be able to say that we built foundation of peace of mind of Edo. The prominent abilities were things which Kenshin Uesugi, Shingen Takeda who lived in the same period were afraid of most. 
Will product which draws the real face of outstanding famous admiral of the age of civil strife lively! 
The Shinchosha September 16, 2017 release

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It is cloud biography of a self-made man coastal highway Ichiro Ryu already

Cloud quick in war-torn country daimyo, Hojo called brutality of chaotic times.

Conventional masterpiece history long piece which overturns image of cloud already which lets you read days of eventful youth in development that breath cannot lose at a stretch from Suruga in a downward direction at young age 21 years old to capture of Odawara-jo Castle.


Shueisha library August 22, 2017

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Occupation is ninja: Hiroshi Jinkawa whom there is in operation, Japan surviving the present age of turbulence

In late years there are many opportunities that foreigner does art of concealment and espionage experience. It is philosophy and Japanese culture of ninja not entertainment that they demand. We adopt art of concealment and espionage for modern life and are going to make use in future way of life.
It releases on new criticism August 31, 2017

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True Motoki Kuroda of history of Kanto war-torn country Hojo VS Uesugi 1955 war

As for both opening of the age of civil strife and the end, trend of Kanto was standard? Uesugi of Hojo of new power that it came from the west to have been in the center of hegemony war of Kanto and Yamauchi, Oogiya who is old Kanto order power. We approach in the truth of history of war-torn country from fight that played the Kanto control of both of them.


Kadokawa Sofia library January 25, 2017

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Bra Tamori 5 Sapporo Atami, Nikko, Otaru Odawara 

Introduction of Odawara-jo Castle of fine castle of the world which both Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi rejected.
Introduction of huge defense line "contour" (we get so toad) of 9km in total length that was made to surround the whole castle town of the biggest characteristic.
The KADOKAWA December, 2016 release

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Odawara to look after to "Uiro"

Book which treated "Uiro" which was specialty of Odawara

Odawara of the Muromachi era was cultural advanced city as we thought whether Prince cloud was thinking about capital relocation already!
We approach in the richness from history of "Uiro".

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It is Jun Ito with one castle

 Hot fight of the whole families who lived in chaotic times by taking advantage of choryaku. Man who "should take one castle", or appeared in Odawara-jo Castle swore so fearlessly.
 We get into enemy land disguised as merchant and let the whole camp fall into suspicious mind and snatch castle at a stretch―― 
Description of intelligence battle of the best part to describe Odawara battle to determine fight for five generations of the schemer, Ofuji clan of shadow which continued supporting Hojo and fate of Hojo in! 
The Shinchosha March 30, 2017 release

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Knight leader homicide Haruki Murakami

Story unfolds mainly on the stage of Odawara


I ran at the beginning of the next year from May of the year, and I lived on the mountain close to entrance of small valley. It rained incessantly in the depths of valley in summer, but generally the outside of valley cleared……It should have been days when that was lonely and was peace and calm. Knight leader is ken (wash) rerumadeha.

(from Shinchosha HP)

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Jun Ito who stands at the dawn

As for time, Muromachi is terminal. Onin War that we had as anyone did only prosperity of oneself and descendant to get wish, power.
Shinkuro Ise prime of life rolled up in war loses important family and friends.
"We renovate the world and want to build." "the world for people"
We threw away hometown and left the capital, and we turned sokumoanshuzui and the name, and early cloud which we prayed so for was reborn.
Wave of change is caused from new world, Kanto and continues fighting against former power to still prevail.

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Description of war-torn country Hojo Jun Ito

Konodai (as you ask), Kawagoe (Kawagoe), each battle of Mimase (see) mountain pass and Odawara siege war - -.
By reading centering on "battle" and "diplomacy", and solving Hojo five generations, the real facts for war-torn country 100 years in Kanto is seen and we include the latest results of research and it is dramatic and describes history of the rise and fall before bending in Hideyoshi Toyotomi from Izu subjugation by Ise prime of life (nochino Soun Hojo) in Odawara. Nonfiction of war-torn country fan required reading to let you renovate image of conventional Hojo.

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