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  • Over kamaboko street autumn liquor taste

    While drinking snacks of each store according to kamaboko and sake of all 13 storehouses of Kanagawa, and eating; of autumn have try out, and enjoy walk

  • "Staff recommended" Odawara reads book of subject, and let's go out to play!

    It is book about Odawara whom the staff recommends to.

  • "Base camp of outside play" which let wakuwaku gather WEB site opening

    We introduce "base camp of outside play" which let wakuwaku gather Odawara Forest base

  • Correspondence of Odawara-jo Castle for new coronavirus infectious disease

    Odawara-jo Castle reopened from June 1.

  • Book "Odawara walk map" is now on sale! Odawara-shi official recognition!

    Guide of Japan's most detailed Odawara

  • Even Odawara can enjoy hot spring! List of "one-day hot spring" spots.

    Facilities introduce substantial facility

  • Town walk spot that reports the "town corner Museum" history, culture in now

    2018 "making of hometown award" receiving a prize

  • Fishing port station TOTOCO Odawara November 22, 2019 opening

    Sale and eating and drinking of local fishery products such as fresh fish, live fish and processed marine products

  • The mountains of "sightseeing in 8, Hakone village way" Hakone place hard to pass (ken) of the world

    Do you not walk way although being a pleasure?

  • Project of "Odawara local fish masterpiece war" is active!

    "Fatty tuna mackerel stick" of new product which untied the body of mackerel

  • We solve central figure "Fuma ninja" of shadow which served Hojo.

    Let's become Fuma ninja together!

  • We experience taste and form of 12 Odawara kamaboko, characteristic of each each shop including texture

    ri kikamabo start of "Odawara kamaboko"
    Please enjoy each characteristic of kamaboko shop which there are 12.

  • We learn Fuma ninja! Experience! Bodily sensation! "NINJA building" is born in Odawara ruins of a castle park! April, 2019

    2019 opening

  • [the end] Internet delivery held decision of no audience ability performance for foreign countries!

    Odawara tourism is Japanese castle facility and performs online delivery performance of "ability" for first foreign countries on Sunday, September 13, 2020.

  • [the end] cherry blossoms bloom. We know all Sakura of Odawara (special site)

    Flowering information, event of cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms map

  • Kinjiro Ninomiya (sontoku) who carried firewood on the shoulder is from Odawara! Movie is released for 2,019 years!

    We introduce the ground of connections such as the birthplace

  • [the end] February is Fuma NINJA month in ninninnin

    For the purpose of attractive dispatch of Fuma ninja said to that we supported Odawara Hojo behind the scenes, we hold "day campaign of ninja" during period on Saturday for from Saturday, February 1, 2020 to 29th.

  • [the end] the 50th Ume Odawara Festival

    We can enjoy pretty plum blossoms in Soga Bairin, Odawara ruins of a castle park, flower garden, Tsujimura plant park.

  • [the end] two years to look back toward ji* of business "early cloud again now for Prince" Soun Hojo honoring 500 years.

    It is year of turning point called 500 years after the death. Holding such as events

  • [the end] carefully selected plum wine Festival in Odawara

    Holding simultaneous in 3 venues in "harune Odawara" "Odawara-jo Castle" "Soga Bairin" Odawara-shi!

  • [the end] "sound" of Enoura

    It is program in special performance that gangs were different from theater and concert venue to enjoy "sound" that traditional arts (Noh musical accompaniment, gagaku) play in while feeling "scenery" that molding thing and nature of Enoura meteorological observatory weave.

  • [the end] town walk exhibition - autumn of 2019 ...

    We prepare for various courses enjoying Tahara exhaustively, and "town walk exhibition" begins.

  • [the end] town walk exhibition - spring of 2019 ...

    We can enjoy town walk, experience, event for two months to be able to meet "new Odawara"

  • [the end] representative from rugby Australia "Wallabies" comes over to Odawara!

    "Rugby World Cup 2019" campground

  • [the end] projection mapping world meet in Odawara-jo Castle September, 2019 holding!

    We carry out projection mapping world meeting as the collected studies for two years in business executive committee for Prince Soun Hojo honoring 500 years. From Friday, September 20 to 23rd Monday

  • [the end] is day campaign 2019 of ninja in ninninnin on "day of ninja"

     We carry out "day campaign of ninja" that featured the theme of Fuma ninja said to that we supported Odawara Hojo behind the scenes during period.

  • [the end] "town walk forum in Odawara, Japan" held decision

    Let's experience occupation, the town of residence garden culture walk!

  • [the end] play vent for "town walk forum in Odawara, Japan"

    For March, 2019, it is holding including monitor tour

  • [the end] the biggest event in Odawara-shi! 1,700 samurai parades in all!

    We praise war-torn country daimyo Hojo five generations

  • [the end] let's fully enjoy 10,000 fireworks at seat! Sale 6/18 ...

    Reserved seat where is place collecting-free! We can enjoy music fireworks and special direction! Equipped with restroom for exclusive use of sponsor venue!
    We prepare for 30 times of memory meet, much direction this year!

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