Hermitism bower

As annex of the Nagashige Kuroda (we seem to drain) marquess who played an active part in the Meiji era, it was built in 1906.
We can overlook Sagami Bay and Mount Hakone overlooking Manazuru Peninsula and Oshima from main building on day when it was fine.

 ・As it is very near, we put together from Odawara-jo Castle and want to see the sights.
 ・It is recommended to eat delicious sweets in cafe while looking at garden.
● Tourist attraction information
Address 〒250-0013 1-5-73, Minamicho, Odawara-shi 
Telephone 0465-22-2834
Homepage http://www.city.odawara.kanagawa.jp/public-i/facilities/seikanntei/top-2012.html
※I would like confirmation of detailed information before outing by all means in formal HP.
Business hours 11:00-16:00
Regular holiday Every Tuesday closing
The nearest station Odawara Station east exit 15-minute walk
Parking lot We use the nearest toll parking lot which there is no


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