Running out of Komine bell no stand Ohori

Running out of Komine bell no stand Ohori (komineokanenodaiohorikiri) divided ridge of Hachimanyama hill which led to main enclosure and was built. It is the largest for dried foss nationwide

 These remains of an ancient structure are comprised of the east moat in the memorial side, medium moat becoming road now, three dried fosses of Nishibori in the west.
 In the east moat where state at the time remains best, as for about 20-30m, the depth, there is width from top of fieldwork about 12m, and slope of moat is the largest for dried foss at sudden incline of 50 degrees nationwide

Hojo built large-scale dried foss and fieldwork for neighborhood about 9km to surround Odawara-jo Castle and the castle bottom by (1590) in 1590 for battle with Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
"The east moat running out of Komine bell no stand Ohori" and "early Kawaguchi remains of an ancient structure" which are maintained as walk road, and can take a walk through moat bottom, trace of moat and fieldwork indicating trace of contour remains in each place at the present including "lotus Upper House fieldwork".

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