Odawara Station

It is a shame to pass by!
We introduce tourist attraction around Odawara Station!

Photogenic tourist attraction centers around Odawara Station.
When when we do not have the time, we go around around Odawara Station around and feel Odawara to be
How about?

Huge! Odawara lantern

Odawara Station is terminal station where five railroads run in.

Huge "Odawara lantern" welcomes customer at the area that went out the wicket of JR of station arc road.

Sue board relief or stained glass which Tsurutaro Kataoka produced are installed.


Odawara Station tourist information center

There is tourist information center in the wicket front of JR. Please drop in at start of trip casually.
We prepare tourist brochures.

Statue of station pedesutoriandekki Kinjiro Ninomiya

Kinjiro Ninomiya (sontoku) is from Odawara.
There is Ninomiya Hotoku Shrine dedicated to Kinjiro Ninomiya near Odawara-jo Castle.

Fashion bystreet

There is street called stylish bystreet in place where we went out of station a little.
There is pretty fresco.

In addition, there is Mary cup installed in child amusement park of Odawara-jo Castle.

Cemetery of Ujimasa Hojo, shiteri

It is cemetery of 4 daishimatsurigoto and shiteri which settled Odawara for five generations 100 years.
There is bell of happiness.

The station square mall arcade

Family coat of arms of the successive Odawara lord of a castle is decorated in arcade of the station square mall.

When walk arcade, store of Odawara "Uiro." In breath, we can take a break a little in cafe space.

Odawara underground shopping center HaRuNe (harune) Odawara

In HaRuNe, facility which is convenient for the town corner information desk and trip including hand load custody service is prepared.
There are products and restaurants such as farm and marine industries thing, artefact, wooden goods, local production for local consumption.
"Odawara kamaboko Honjin" is the only shop where 12 Odawara kamaboko is all even on.

Prince Soun Hojo image

Prince Soun Hojo statue in the west exit rotary of Odawara Station is bronze statue largest in Japan of 5.7m in height 7t in weight.


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