Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle which Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed headquarters of Odawara battle.
Based on tradition that constructed a castle, this name ran out as having let castle appear during single night.

 ・Stone wall Yamashiro was chosen by "Japan's Top 100 Castles which association of Japanese castle chose sequel to".
 ・Castle of total stone wall made first in Kanto. Please enjoy stone wall!
 ・We can look at Odawara-jo Castle castle tower, Odawara-jo Castle bottom and Sagami Bay.
 ・We can enjoy local vegetables and sweets overnight in castle armor Takarazuka Operetta Troupe farm.

About the park

  Both Hideyoshi and Ieyasu overlooked Odawara-jo Castle from here

The whole map
The whole area: 1.2 times of about 5.8ha (58,000 square meters) <about 17,545 tsubos> Tokyo Dome
Distance in a straight line to Odawara-jo Castle: About 3km
Main enclosure (Honjo gay quarters [Honjo is crazy])
We can see the Tokyo Skytree from this complete set reading-desk let alone Odawara-jo Castle bottom, Sagami Bay on fine day, too.
The outworks of a castle (stable gay quarters [horse crazy])
Gay quarters that are the largest along with main enclosure. We consist of parts which stretched in rectangle to center and the north of gay quarters.
Makeup well of well gay quarters [idokuruwa], Yodo
We piled up stone wall on the neighborhood to block up place to become dale, and to stop and made well at the bottom. Stone wall left in the neighborhood best remains overnight in castle and can know stone wall construction technology at the time.

About origin of name

"Mt. Ishigaki" "single night castle"

▼Origin of Mt. Ishigaki
 Mt. Ishigaki was originally called "archery on horseback mountain", but (1590) Hideyoshi Toyotomi surrounds Odawara Hojo by big army of land and water 150,000 in 1590. Because we built castle of total stone wall as Honjin, it came to be called "Mt. Ishigaki".
 Even if piling-stones load surface by Ano a large number of people (anousyu) [engineer group of masons] of Oomi (Shiga), and they pass through time for more than four hundred years first in (nozurazumi) in castle of made total stone wall in Kanto, we leave feature at the time strongly.

▼Origin of single night castle
 When Hideyoshi constructs a castle, it makes framework of wall and oar (tower) in forest at the mountaintop that this castle is called castle or father of the Imperial adviser single night castle at stone wall Yamaichi night in the life and we put blank paper and cut down neighboring trees like white wall during pretense, single night, and officers in Odawara-jo Castle that saw that are astonished, and the morale decreases. However, actually, a total of 40,000 people were mobilized and spent about 80 days from April through June in 1590.


About history

The famous military commander size concentration! War-torn country all-stars

 Hideyoshi Toyotomi appointed to kampaku in (1585) in 1585 and we performed Kyushu attack Shikoku attack in (1587) for 15 years in the year after next in the year and approximately subjugated Spain, and it was in zan ruha Kanto, Tohoku. Therefore war by private hands ban "conquering as kampaku if there are any scrambles of territory between daimyos afterward" at the end of the same year announces "Kanto, okuryokoku*mujirei" (kantou, okuryogokusobujirei).
 We invited the Emperor Goyozei to "*gakudai" (jurakudai) of residence of Kyoto and castle in (1588) April for 16 years in the next year and let we gave daimyos of the whole country an order for the attendance, and the loyalty promise. Ujimasa Hojo, he direct father and son do not attend then, and the spearhead will turn to Hojo who does not show will of allegiance. We recapture excellent walnut-jo Castle which Kuninori Inomata who acted as Numata castle warden of Ueno country [kouzukenokuni] (Gunma) in (1589) October for 17 years is next to (nagurumijo) while it looks like it. Hideyoshi declares war as *mujireiihan in this on November 24.
 220,000 Hideyoshi group to surround, Odawara Hojo group 54,000 to meet. Although we complete contour (*kamae) [we get so toad] which contained castle and castle town commencing with repairing of Odawara-jo Castle and the branch castle and invite the Hojo side and defeat, in Hojo group, the morale largely decreases by throwing into confusion including Kizuki-jo Castle in single night of betrayal work and stone wall mountain of Hideyoshi group. He direct ga surrender surrendered to fight that began on (1590) April 3 in 1590 on July 5, the same year, and Hojo was ruined after war-torn country daimyo here.

Recommendation walking course

Of father of the Imperial adviser single night Castle and long Xingshan, historic spot rise

Is chosen by "500 selections of beautiful ways which we want to walk of Japan"
"Way 500 course where it was admitted that it was beautiful of Japan" where "it rose, and it was announced by promotion meeting that the choice is suggested by association of Japan walking and gets the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, NHK, the local newspaper publisher alliance society of the whole country, support of Kyodo News Enterprise, and beautiful Japan wants to walk"

[course summary]

・Hakone Tozan Railway "Iriuda Station" - JR Tokaido Main Line "Hayakawa Station"
・Walk distance: 7.5km walk time: Two hours ten minutes pitch difference: 238.3m

 We walk pavement way maintained well generally and go round from historic spots early in Edo from last part of war-torn country in "chokyosan*taji". There are sign of the animals and plants and sign of eight military commanders who did three groups by Odawara attack on stone wall mountain along the ways from "star, earth Museum of life" to "stone wall Yamaichi night castle", and we are keenly aware of history, and view is in particular course that meeting with nature and creature can enjoy fantastically, too. "Weeping cherry tree of long Xingshan" is famous place that we want to watch once.

Single night castle yoroizukafamu

Restaurant and patisserie aiming at local production for local consumption

"Single night castle Yoroizuka Farm" (armor Takarazuka Operetta Troupe farm) of one of the best cake craftsman Toshihiko Yoroizuka in Japan is in front of castle historical park at stone wall Yamaichi night.
We provide dishes and sweets to be able to taste only here that took in ingredients of Odawara with hand with farmers of hometown, Hayakawa abundantly.
TEL    0465-24-3150 / Business hours    10:00-17:00 / Regular holiday    On Tuesday (we may be changed on ※ holiday.)
HP single night castle yoroizukafamu HP /

● Tourist attraction information
Address 〒250-0021 Hayakawa, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa character plum ka hollow
Telephone Odawara-jo Castle synthesis Administration Office telephone 0465-23-1373
Homepage Stone wall Yamaichi night castle HP
Business hours
Regular holiday
Instructions Step is in park and is not available with wheelchair.
100 people Castle stamp sequel to We install overnight in front of restroom of castle parking lot
● Access
Foot It is about 50 minutes on foot from JR Tokaido Main Line "Hayakawa Station"
It is about 60 minutes on foot from Hakone Tozan Railway "Iriuda (iriuda) station"
Taxi ・It is about 15 minutes [from Odawara Station] 
・[from Hakone-Itabashi Station] about ten minutes (there is taxi company for ※ adjacency)
・[from Hayakawa Station] about ten minutes (there is no ※ taxi permanent residence)
Bus ※Bus is not running.
 Sightseeing excursion bus goes only on Saturday and Sunday of tourist season.  Sightseeing excursion bus HP
Car ・[from the Route 1 Yokohama area]
  We turn left at Itabashi intersection
  We turn left at Hakone turnpike entrance intersection
・[from the Route 135 Atami area]
   We turn left at Hayakawa intersection (※ attention! Impossible of right turn from the Odawara area)
・[from the Route 1 Hakone area]
   We turn right at the intersection in front of earth Museum (as for ※ large car from this)
Parking lot Parking number: 58 
Parking rate: Free of charge 
Restroom: Existence

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