Odawara fishing port (Hayakawa fishing port)

Even the whole country that sees kutsukomi, and arranged place that was land in expression originally is rare fishing port. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which seafood which is fresh in the outskirts can eat.
   ・After all we want to eat fresh horse mackerel if we come to Odawara.
   ・It is access Good!! in being near fishing port from station
   ・As there is day when morning market of port is held, we want to go by all means.
● Tourist attraction information
Address 〒250-0021 1-10-1, Hayakawa, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa
Homepage http://odawara-sakana.com/
(fish branding, consumption expansion meeting official site of Odawara)
Business hours
Regular holiday
The nearest station Hayakawa Station 5-minute walk
Parking lot Available
Please refer to fisheries beach section for trailer bus; 0465-22-9227


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