Odawara fishing port (Hayakawa fishing port)

Sagami Bay spreading in front is proud of one of the Japan's three biggest deep gulfs, unloading of seasonal abundant fish class.
There are restaurant and souvenir shop which seafood which is fresh in the outskirts can eat.

・After all, we want to eat fresh horse mackerel if we come to Odawara.
・It is access Good!! in being a 5-minute walk and very near fishing port from station
・As there is day when morning market of port is held, we want to go by all means.

As it is Odawara slope

There are a lot of fish dishes shops dealing with fresh fish which was just landed on "fish street" around the port and are gourmet spot.

Fine-view break spot

It is photospot where photograph comes out with "Odawara lantern lighthouse" and "blue weighbridge".
We challenge photograph of wind catching Odawara lantern!

Morning market of port

We prepare local products such as dried fish, kamaboko, Satsumaage made specially in Odawara, local vegetables or fruit at the full blast and, let alone fresh fish which we just fished early in the morning of the day, look forward to your coming.

Please confirm morning market holding of port from this.

Fishing port station TOTOCO Odawara

Odawara fishing port interchange promotion facility "fishing port station TOTOCO Odawara" opened in November, 2019.
We offer local farm products, souvenir saying that we write sale and eating and drinking of local fishery products such as fresh fish, live fish and processed marine products and are facilities with function to disseminate information of such as sightseeing of Odawara or PR of local product.

● Tourist attraction information
Address 〒250-0021 1-10-1, Hayakawa, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa
Homepage Odawara local fish masterpiece war

Fish branding, consumption expansion meeting official site of Odawara

TOTOCO Odawara
Business hours
Regular holiday
The nearest station Hayakawa Station 5-minute walk
Parking lot Available
Please refer to fisheries beach section for trailer bus; 0465-22-9227


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