Odawara Kamaboko cooperative

Odawara kamaboko street activation meeting


Odawara-shi local industry promotion meeting

Fish branding, consumption expansion meeting of Odawara

Odawara-shi local industry promotion meeting

Odawara lantern production experience

List of stores to buy

  • Kuzuma

    Including dried bonito, we handle drysaltery such as Sergestes lucens, kombu, shiitake of each place made specially in Suruga Bay widely.

  • Uiro

    Long-established store which deals in at oldest medicine manufacture, confectionery under Kanagawa that Uiro (Uiro) family runs. The first father introduces family lore medicine into Japan in visit people and, for receptions of foreign mission, devises steamed cake of rice flour. It came to be called "Uiro" more both than the family name. We are invited as Soun Hojo and settle down in Odawara and continue making both medicine and cake with transmission from father to son and sell only here.

  • Corner and ranch
    Corner and ranch

    It is store specializing in domestic beef including Kanagawa brand "Ashigara cow".

  • Kawase of gift
    Kawase of gift

    Please consult about person having a problem with comment product as well as ready-made articles such as trophy cups by all means.

  • Circle u Tashiro
    Circle u Tashiro

    Long-established store of Odawara Kamaboko founded in the Meiji early years.

  • Okawa woodworking plant
    Okawa woodworking plant

    mokujiban kikara performs Odawara lacquerware which is traditional craft and is.

  • With Oda original circle
    With Oda original circle

    Production store of various specialties which made use of the subject matter in raw materials with riches of the soil, seafood.

  • Mountain mirage Yukawa store
    Mountain mirage Yukawa store

    We produce "the making of dried fish which is fed own child with confidence" in motto every day in the company factory of Odawara.

  • Yamada drapery
    Yamada drapery

    It is drapery, but regular 150-160 pattern sells Japanese towel.

  • Of string of Hayase made specially in store specializing in dried fish Odawara
    Of string of Hayase made specially in store specializing in dried fish Odawara

    Of string of Hayase made specially in store specializing in dried fish Odawara "is delicious; is confident in one of string".

  • Hirai Bookstore
    Hirai Bookstore

    In 1896, we found bookstore. This corner of native district is enriched.

  • Studio shodenharashushu in the middle
    Studio shodenharashushu in the middle

    It is a few specialty stores in the middle in the whole country. All products use skin which is full of flavors made only with sticky rice and can enjoy taste only in specialty store which filled the skin of with adzuki bean and chocolate from Hokkaido.

  • Morning green apiculture sale
    Morning green apiculture sale

    We sell strong ... i propolis and raw royal jelly in main with domestic mandarin orange honey.

  • Matsushita shoe store
    Matsushita shoe store

    It is shop where we introduced new noted product "gyosan" of Odawara to for the first time on the mainland.

  • Chinriu Honten Limited
    Chinriu Honten Limited

    Pickled plum founded in 1871 and store specializing in plum product, cakes.

  • NAC Co., Ltd. Nakamuraya
    NAC Co., Ltd. Nakamuraya

    Nakamuraya Co.,Ltd. tries for development of Odawara commerce since its formation in 1948 and develops store of clothing, miscellaneous goods by senior FA as leader fashion of area and has much trust and support from customer.

  • Chew village of plum;
    Chew village of plum;

    We can enjoy three kinds of pickled plums using plum of the highest grade of specialty, Odawara Soga.

  • Tanakaya Head Office
    Tanakaya Head Office

    It is shop providing pickle, fish guts pickled in salt, side dish, foods boiled down in soy, seafood including boiled beans, good luck of village including pickled plum made specially in Odawara.

  • Field mustard a, n studio
    Field mustard a, n studio

    Representative cake of high quality sells dorayaki "Odawara rabbit" hot from the oven every day in "rabbit of month" and shop.

  • Bell pine Kamaboko restaurant
    Bell pine Kamaboko restaurant

    Is loved in Odawara; and more than 120 years.

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