Recommendation is horse mackerel!

Fish that horse mackerel represents Odawara! Chopped horse mackerel is said to be Odawara origin.

Sashimi and fried food are delicious, and shop serving horse mackerel dishes is in Odawara a lot.

Many fish are landed elsewhere in Odawara fishing port.

Horse mackerel, local fish Festival is held every year in April.

Odawara fishing port

Fish branding, consumption expansion meeting of Odawara

Condition of "Odawara don"

Use ingredients brought up on one, the sea and the earth of Odawara more than one

We serve in two, container of traditional industrial art object, Odawara lacquerware and grind kyo

Offer hospitality that three, customer are satisfied and come to like Odawara more

Cheerful Odawara small Tahara bowl

henura lemon

Domestic lemon which henurajiiki crossed henura lemon more than 30 years and put great deal of effort and continued cultivating. henura lemon of no wax, fungicide nonuse is lemon precious to the people in the know. "henura lemon cider" using a good fruit juice is popular!

"Water lemon"

Local drink of Odawara origin! To shochu with water, we squeeze comb form henurasan lemon which we cut and did to a one-eighth lightly, and every skin of can enter glass and is completion if Stare does! Town walk type food festival called "water lemon Baru" is held, too.

Odawara oden

The biggest characteristic of Odawara oden is kind. Including 13 well-established Kamaboko restaurants of Odawara, tofu maker, konjac shop, vegetable store, various hometown stores including butcher's shop create original kind for Odawara oden. Prize-winning work of "oden class contest" to compete for idea from citizen's all of you performed at oden summit is commercialized.

List of stores to eat

  • Center which is Odawara Hill
    Center which is Odawara Hill

    Center which is Odawara Hill is the immediate neighbor of Odawara fishing port! It is no charge for admission to souvenir including one and delicacy of string which restaurant where we buy fresh fishery products, and barbecue which we can eat and abundant menu are prepared immediately, fresh fishery products of market can buy. Look, we buy and eat and are "market entertainment" to be able to be idle.

  • Uiro annex Chinese food "doctor bower"
    Uiro annex Chinese food "doctor bower"

    It is restaurant that lunch can enjoy casually of the well-established Chinese medicine drugstore direct management. At Kyoto residence, hall of Uiro (Uiro) house was called doctor bower and recurred with name at the time of going. We are particular about the training and provide Chinese food which we made use of the selected subject matter in mainly on local ingredients. In calm shop, we display pictures of person of Uiro connection.

  • resutoranrekaie

    Seafood, riches of the soil of Odawara are fully included.

  • Fish cuisine RYO
    Fish cuisine RYO

    We are produced in morning of Gulf of Sagami, and craftsman provides discerning fresh ingredients including fresh fish and local pesticide-free existence machine vegetables using selected cuisine (recipe). The essence of Odawara dishes by all means.

  • Otowa

    Long-established store of founding 120 years Japanese dishes. Castle is side immediately from station, too.

  • Fatty tuna result
    Fatty tuna result

    Please thoroughly enjoy good-quality tuna and seasonal local fish to the full.

  • Ramen destination◯
    Ramen destination◯

    We swing gold dust to ramen in thought of "to have a good day"

  • In every closing a bargain soba restaurant field
    In every closing a bargain soba restaurant field

    Hold shop in front of moat of Odawara-jo Castle; and 50 several years. We are particular about raw materials, and, including buckwheat flour, flour, shavings of dried bonito, soy sauce, water, chili pepper, laver provides side, udon by a closing a bargain ray.

  • Grill nut
    Grill nut

    Well-established Western-style restaurant founded in 1962. There are many customers from the downtown area in hometown from the start, too.

  • The prosperity eaves
    The prosperity eaves

    We work hard at work in motto for taste that there can be with health even if storekeeper eats every day with handicraft.

  • furansu dining room bistro royal
    furansu dining room bistro royal

    Long-established store of French cuisine that there is madam of chef and sommelier for taste of Maxims de Bali from "Maxims in" castle town.

  • osuteriairuchiero

    Please enjoy Italian cuisine that you used local ingredients for abundantly. Italian wine prepares more than 100 kinds at any time.

  • Lunch taste Aya
    Lunch taste Aya

    We are selling station lunch in Hakone-Yumoto Station, Odawara Station arc road!

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