Online town walk workshop "town hunting"

While, during commuting, we take a walk during attending school,
We hunt Odawara nomachinakao with your camera!

It is filled with the state of things that is the town of Odawara, things which, in fact, are pleasant!
Now that we were not able to go for an outing casually, eyes came to be suitable for imminent thing.
You stare at Odawara nomachinakao passing unconsciously again simply because it is such time, and do you not enjoy every day?

"Jochou design"/"retro architecture"/"odamoji" 
These three in keyword,
Please make hunting (shooting) with Odawara nomachinakao camera!
By usually cutting things not to pay more attention to
Do you look like thing to be excited about totally different in usual scenery?
It is online workshop to find together, and to share, and to appreciate.


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