Nihonbashi holding "8, Hakone village" forum

[Nihonbashi "8, Hakone village" forum]
 There remains, and, in Tokaido "8, Hakone village" authorized to "inheritance of Japan" in 2018 (Odawara-shi, Hakone-machi, Kannami-cho, Mishima-shi), many inheritances to remind of stone pavement way and milestone, Suginami tree, row of pine trees, castle town and post town, barrier, "way trip" in the Edo era including teahouse tell the western regions daimyo and Netherlands firm length of daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo, episode of various trips of historical person including Nagasaki prefect.
From Nihonbashi that is the starting point of "Tokaido" and historic connection of "8, Hakone village", we talk with about to investigate history of Edo and way, and to further deepen Edo, Tokyo and interchange with district.

 Saturday, February 29, 2020
  The 12:30 opening, reception desk open
  The 13:30 opening of a meeting

 Mitsukoshi Theater (the sixth floor of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Head Office Main Building)

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