History information building reopening (April, 2019)

2018.10.22 update

Fuma ninja
 Learning! Experience! Bodily sensation!

Renewal of Odawara-jo Castle history information building

 To construction such as seismic strengthening of history information building in Odawara ruins of a castle park, we renew display contents. We are going to open in April of the next spring (2019).
 We fix Fuma ninja told to have supported Hojo of the age of civil strife behind the scenes in motif, and existence of ninja learn and, in main contents, does with display that there is fresh experience, bodily sensation.

■Display image

 Facility which we learn about the history and Fuma ninja of Hojo five generations through picture and display and adopt participation, experience-shaped display technique including utilization of item and digital technology that we touch and move, and there is, and wide layer can enjoy from child to foreigner.


  ・War-torn country theater zone…Picture guidance to become foreword of display story
  ・Art of concealment and espionage experience zone…In the mechanism mansion center, it is display that we can experience as ninja
  ・Odawara offense and defense zone…After digital picture experience to ending
About Odawara ruins of a castle park
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About Fuma ninja
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