Kinjiro Ninomiya who carried firewood on the shoulder is from Odawara!

We led many farm villages which went to ruin late in the Edo era to revival,
Sontoku Ninomiya old man (Kinjiro Ninomiya) is from Odawara.
We include places of connection of Kinjiro Ninomiya.


Masashi Goda starring

Life of Kinjiro Ninomiya whom there was not of once being drawn until now!
We completely filmize life of the turbulence that at the risk of life for revival and survived for the first time!

Kinjiro Ninomiya overturns framework of past feudal society; is unique
"Project X" barini revives villages which went to ruin in way in sequence.
More than number, what and 600.

With boy Kinjiro that movie "Kinjiro Ninomiya" fights against poverty desperately,
Bet on revival in one's youth; can shine
It is dramatic and filmizes life of turbulence of Sontoku Ninomiya.

Around Odawara Station

  Sightseeing point

Odawara Station Kinjiro image

There is Kinjiro image in elementary schools of the whole country in pedesutoriandekki (the second floor) of the east exit of Odawara Station.
There is Prince Hojo early cloud image at the west exit, too.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

It is Shinto shrine to enshrine Ninomiya (Kinjiro) sontoku. As it is next to Odawara-jo Castle, we can perform sightseeing in conjunction with Odawara-jo Castle.
There is "kinjirou cafe" which Gojiru (gojiru) and coffee can swallow up.

Hotoku museum

It is museum to introduce the results and thought, methodology of Kinjiro Ninomiya (Sontoku Ninomiya) to about Hotoku museum. 

The Kayama (mountain) outskirts

  Sightseeing point

The Sontoku Ninomiya birthplace

sontoku is born in this house on (1787) July 23 in 1787. It is adjacent with memorial.


Memorial comprises meeting room and accommodation room other than exhibition room learning his life and teaching and can use as place of lifelong learning activities such as lecture, circle activity. 

Good honor temple

It is temple with cemetery of sontokuichizoku.

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