"Town walk forum in Odawara, Japan" held decision!

2018.9.4 update

Town walk guides of the whole country gather in Odawara!

"Town walk" that becomes boom in each places of the whole country

Aiming at forum public performance of next March, we want to wait, and all of you to know charm of walk through various plans! Please enjoy castle and occupation of Odawara, residence garden culture or event every season in spite of being walk.

The sixth Japan town walk forum in Odawara
Date: From Friday, March 1, 2019 to Sunday, March 3
Venue: Citizen of Odawara City interchange center UMECO, hot water of Odawara bank of a moat all ages, around Odawara Station

National convention that to wait from the whole country, and guides of walk gather from Hokkaido to Okinawa and bring about new movement from hot information exchange


■We wait, and walk changes area! Executive committee start memory lecture

     The play event first     Tuesday, April 17, 2018

 Of "wait walk" invite Kirino known as existence of pioneer. And you wait for big role that we wait, and know-how of walk, sightseeing in town walk carry that Kirino has, and please fully talk about hot thought for walk. Please expect!

■seitanirai* lecture "we keep a certain thing alive" "de jiikiryokuhatsushin!"

     Play event second moon bullet     Thursday, June 7, 2018

 Lecturer is representative, seitanirai* (we do and do it, and be not crowded) of tabisuke combination company Nishiya. Plan carries out unique tour that waits, and paid attention to way of local living including walk guide of "Hirosaki back alley detective corps" in hometown Hirosaki-shi in whole Tohoku district and plays an active part in many aspects.

■Lecture to wait, and to develop walk that is attractive from example of various parts of Japan

     Play event third moon bullet     Monday, September 3, 2018

 Lecturer is Junsuke Tanaka of NPO Nagasaki compliance Dole secretary general. We wait from setup of town walk exhibition "Nagasaki saruku Expo" and stand in the front line of walk and are playing an active part now on the stage of the whole country. On the day "we wait of the whole country and we wait and recite hot thought and know-how to walk under the theme of walk and know-how, kyo erukenne!".

 Monitor tour 

■Three town walk stories that guide spins

     Saturday, June 16, 2018, Tuesday, July 10, Sunday, September 9

 Aiming at forum public performance of next March, we want to wait, and all of you to know charm of walk through various plans!
We hold experience-based monitor tour to wait from such thought, and to enjoy walk. Each guide guides all of you at different openings.


■We hold practice type workshop of "sightseeing in town walk"!

     Monday, October 15, 2018, Monday, November 5, Monday, December 10

 Want to convey fun of town from oneself more and yet more; ask, and, for person, hold practice type workshop.
Taro Hirai that fashiriteta showed around "bra Tamori" Odawara edition. We learn mental attitude of guide (guide) of method and town to wait, and to make their towns interesting through walk.

To want to know in detail is this place
Japanese town walk forum in Odawara special site 
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