Sightseeing in 8, Hakone village way

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The mountains of Hakone place hard to pass (ken) of the world

Do you not walk "8, Hakone village" although being a pleasure?

"8, Hakone village" after Hakone Pass on "east slope" and the Mishima side of Odawara, Hakone side
"Nishisaka" Natural scenery and Suginami tree ・ which are divided into this, and have characteristic in each
Historic spots of stone pavements are left.

Trivia of 8, Hakone village

Oh, slope fable ... of slope - 8, Hakone village where how is slope such slope

 There are many slopes in old way of 8, Hakone village, and unique name is added to each. For example, as for the thing based on tradition including "woman let fall down slope" of east slope and thing "broken stone Hill" to reach when Goro Soga of Soga brothers who is one of nichihonsandaiuchinyu, and are famous tried out Oishi while is founded much which just exposed state of rapid slope including "slope of monkey sliding" to name.
 Similarly, call for another name with "kowameshi slope", and, as for "lower Nagasaka of Nishisaka," it is having fun that episode in former times including "mortar Korobizaka" that asks, and is broken with the name walks slope of the unique name studded with from steep slope as "we cannot climb when we do not eat kowameshi" (steamed rice) or "rice which we carried on our back is said to be sweat and heat dekowameshininatta" and "(we rolled mortar) which cow rolled" thing.

Harajuku, Oda

Charm of 8, Hakone village

 A certain Odawara leaves Edo to 20 20 villages from the Edo era and is the first castle town.
Four subsidiary inn for daimyo's attendantses and tavern counted 95, and four Honjin boasted of eminent bustle in the 53rd post town probably because place hard to pass of the world, the mountains of Hakone had.
After modern times, it is known even that it became stage of various literary works.
There is much highlight including Odawara-jo Castle, too.

●Odawara-jo Castle (Odawara-jo Castle trace park)
  Yamashiro whom Omori built in the Muromachi era was forerunner and developed as center base of Kanto rule after it became castle of war-torn country daimyo Odawara Hojo afterwards.
 Boso Peninsula and Izu Peninsula to see the castle tower which revived in 1960 from and come to composition-type scenic dome on three levels of the fourth floor on the fourth floor are superb views.


Hakone accommodation

Charm of 8, Hakone village

 We let by for each 50 houses emigrate to the shore of Lake Ashino from Odawara, both accommodations of Mishima and are post town installed in newly to relax hakokontogeetsu eno labor by request of pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district daimyo in 1618 (Genna 4).
Although scale of post town was not so big, Honjin counted six cases, and it was proud of the most in Tokaido.
With nature that paths of Hakone that tormented traveler as difficult place of way position are beautiful now, it is got close to people by Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden.

●Hakone barrier
  Because the purpose prevents rebellion of daimyos. Opening of a gate from bell telling the hour of dawn (6:00 a.m.) in six in the evening (6:00 p.m.) other than it except official business
 In the case of no urgency, we were able to go.

●Amazake teahouse
  Amazake teahouse where jeering Kita stopped at. Taste of amazake to make only with ricemalt is the best. We always show bustle.

Mishima accommodation

Charm of 8, Hakone village

 We wait for post town having Hakone Pass to the east as Monzen-cho of Mishima big shrine. It is said that traveler did "banquet in celebration of the first game in the forest" more than Hakone safely when we arrive at accommodation. In addition, Mishima got Shimoda Highway from here when originally there was Izunokuni prefecture. Development is going ahead through the area where there was post town now as downtown.
 In addition, known Mishima is many places of town in agrarian soldier (noe) knob of "snow and noe of Fuji", and spring of Fuji is place that wants to take a walk through flow, waterside relaxedly.

●Mishima big shrine
  Because it faced Tokaido and was in the starting point of Shimoda Highway, Mishima great gracious god was worshiped as Ichinomiya of Izu widely from old days. We are missing at the time of foundation, but enshrine daisan*mei and jidaishumei,
 Main shrine is Toshogu Shrine style of total zelkova. Anecdote concerning Yoritomo and historic document often result in Yoritomo Minamoto praying for Genji revival, and having risen in arms for celebrity, too.

●Mishima skywalk
  400m in total length, large suspension bridge of 70.6m in height. We are proud of the best length in Japan for suspension bridge for exclusive use of walker.

●Site of castle park out of mountain
  In mountains castle, Hojo who put Honjo in Odawara constructed a castle in the terminal Eiroku era year (the 1560s) for the age of civil strife. On March 29, 1590 (Tensho 18), we receive all-out attack of 40,000 Hideyoshi Toyotomi forces,
 It is informed that we fell in only half day. Yamashiro only for soil not to just use stone for is very rare nationwide, and remains of an ancient structure 400 years ago are appointed on historic spot of country
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