About Fuma ninja who served Hojo

 In Odawara, Hojo subjugates Odawara late in the 15th century and is land which became the beginning of the age of civil strife. We followed afterwards until the late 16th century and, meanwhile, independent area nation which power called "war-torn country daimyo" ruled over in the whole land of Japan stood side by side a lot and, for the age of civil strife, competed for hegemony in military power.

 Hojo governed for 5s approximately 100 years and Odawara and the power became huge so as to conquer Kanto, but we were surrounded by the Allied Forces on the Hideyoshi Toyotomi side who had world unification close at hand finally and were defeated. For the age of civil strife when we followed for a long time at the moment, we closed curtain in place of Odawara.

 We served as stealing of "Hojo", and Fuma ninja accomplished duty. It is said that "Kotaro Fuma" of boss of the Fuma clan was very terrible look, but, according to "the description of Hojo 5s," does not become sure whether you existed. However, "Kotaro Fuma" becomes subjects such as many novels and comics, games in the present age and is very popular ninja.

Relations of Odawara Hojo and Fuma alliance

Fuma alliance and clear connection of relationship of Hojo do not become clear, but technique of the special mounting a horse tactics is evaluated by first Soun Hojo, and it is thought that we were incorporated in subsidiary of Hojo army corps.

Relations with Kazamatsuri

We settle down in Kazama Valley around western Kazamatsuri (state fishing) of Odawara (kazamatani), and it is said that it came to be called Fuma (state) alliance.

Boss Kotaro Fuma

The name of boss is Kotaro Fuma. It is the name that the head of Fuma party inherits in the same way as Hanzo Hattori of Iga from generation to generation.


Person called "fukandehaneshu" was in charge of the guard, information gathering duty to vassal of Hojo. We are told whether this person was not Kotaro Fuma.

Fifth generation Kotaro Fuma

It is boss, Kotaro Fuma of the fifth generation to have performed the most brilliant battle. "There is irregularity lump, and, as for the figure, eyes reverse tear mouth in both sides in ke, Blackbeard 2 sun of stature seven shakus (216cm), muscles and bones widely upside down violently, and loser, head do prominent nose like the God of Wealth and Longevity outside four tusks, and, according to "the description of Hojo 5s," description called ..." is done.

The origin of fifth generation Kotaro Fuma

There is opinion which we crossed from opinion, continent which opinion which Iga ninja flowed through, ninja of Takeda drifted to.

The tactics

It is said that we were good at reconnaissance, plunder that the guerrilla tactics is important and spreads information gathering, surprise attack, plot, arson, rumor.

Trick of attack

Fuma is said to have annihilated person of enemy side that we contacted with on accomplishing given duty. Neighboring people are afraid in the cruelty and are told that it spread out as rumor.

Achievement of Fuma alliance

Katsuyori Takeda led big army in (1581) in 1581 and invaded Izu territory of Hojo, and, in the Takeda forces, the Hojo forces took up their position in Mishima and Hatsune Izu ka Hara in floating Shimagahara from Sanmaibashi, Suruga across the Kise River.
Fuma alliance divides approximately 200 people into four corps and, at rainy night, cross torrent of the Kise River skillfully at night of wind at fine night, and they are said to be then when they hung night attack in camp of Takeda.
When we drive 2 or 3 degrees of the beginning into camp of Takeda carrying Jack of straw to horse and thought whether it is Jack of straw again, we hang night assault in the truth. When we steal horse of enemy, we stick to flank of horse and let you drive fast in state that person is not on the horse. We make plunder and set fire to many places and we are lost in enemy and raise kachidoki (time) and confuse armor, weapon, food catch-as-catch-can.
We are treated like this, and the Takeda forces do internal squabble at last without sleeping calmly at night, and the master and vassal fight, and it is said that child came to take neck of parent. In addition, samurai of Takeda whom we tailed among Fuma to promote suffers from the ally and enemy identification method called "ritsu chisuguri residence suguri" (we stand all at once and squat down all at once again), and it is said that real identity has been easily found out. "Stealing Fuma of grudge meal. Oh, we are said that wild fellow of shin composes the night assault and Takeda forces and grieved.

The last

Hojo becomes thief after the extinction in the Edo era and is said to be when it was executed arrest in the Tokugawas by opposed secret information in thief, Jin Kosaka.

You are ninja from today, too! Experience-based event now being held

Ninja costume fitter charge account experience

Conduct day :Whole year
Time  :From 9:30 to 16:00
Place  :The Odawara-jo Castle main enclosure open space Tokiwagi gate
Rate  :Adult (more than junior high student) 500 yen
           Child (less than primary schoolchild)  300 yen

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We hit throwing knife and experience

Conduct day :Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Time  :From 10:00 to 16:00
Place  :Odawara-jo Castle main enclosure open space
Rate  :Adult (more than junior high student) 200 yen
          Child (less than primary schoolchild) 100 yen

We hold event of Fuma ninja every year
Fuma Festival
Village "Fuma Festival" of ninja

We hold Fuma Festival every year for two days in the end of August.
It is event to be able to enjoy with family and friend for memory in the last in summer vacation including viewing of performance of stealing that experiences such as throwing knife or blowgun dart at ninja dojo studio, everywhere in venue are infested with.

World one ninja deciding match

We decide "ofuu" with "Kotaro Fuma" in Fuma Festival every year.

Thing which hits throwing knife, and fought successfully through ninja ascetic practices including aerial downhill & slipping into can obtain the title.

The sixth world one ninja deciding match (2018) champion 
 Eleventh generation Kotaro Fuma Shoji Ono (Isehara-shi, Kanagawa)
 Fifth generation ofuu    The world (kuze) of the sky comes (Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)
Hilton Odawara special accommodation plan

In Hilton Odawara resort & spa Nara! We achieve "nimmu" and become ninja of hotel authorization!

Plan that it can be to ninja of hotel authorization when we achieve Hilton Odawara style ninja ascetic practices for history of Odawara said to that there was ninja called Kotaro Fuma once.

By special plan for family with this 4-12-year-old child, child wraps the body in ninja clothes with "nimmu" written on label in guest room as a start and handles mission that gradually becomes clear while gathering labels.

We will do history search different in gangs this summer.

cafe which can meet ninja from Gora Station of Hakone-machi in a 1-minute walk is born! ​As ninja goods are prepared in various ways, it is most suitable for souvenir!

We have many ninja goods. In addition, it is original product that ninja hood of ice-cream cones with throwing knife bread and throwing knife is available only here.
With family and friend, please drop in as memory of trip
Fuma ninja information offer
Fuma alliance instructor Hiroshi Jinkawa

Person out of office style art of concealment and espionage (yanin) is art of concealment and espionage ascetic practice that utilized natural rich outdoor environment.

Across school, we investigate realistic art of concealment and espionage to be helpful in the modern society and touch "heart of the sum" to flow through the root and, as well as the skill, feed.


Letter of "nin" writes that we measure blade injuring person for heart at the same time to measure heart to fade with blade. In other words, art of concealment and espionage stops useless fight not operation for merely fight and it is better and thinks that it is operation to live.


Program of yanin returns naturally and is not particular about existing concept by reminding of essential sensitivity and aims at coming to be able to see the world in more neutral viewpoint.


Person out of office style art of concealment and espionage HP https://www.yajin-ninja.jp/

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It is guides such as motif, book, comics, game to come up in Fuma ninjas


Tokugawa Mikuni will Fuma art of concealment and espionage biography
Ninja of tusk gold of Fuma
1,000 neck Kotaro Fuma blood style record

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