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 Special feature 2018.9.4
"Town walk forum in Odawara, Japan" held decision
Let's experience occupation, town walk of residence garden culture!
 Special feature 2018. 10.22
Project of "Odawara local fish masterpiece war" is active!
"Fatty tuna mackerel stick" of new product which untied the body of mackerel
 Special feature 2018.10.4
Odawara-jo Castle castle tower temporary exhibition "Ayumi ... having been continued since - Ujitsuna Hojo for Odawara opening the Edo shogunate 500 years" (outside site)
Period from Saturday, October 27 to December 24 Monday (holiday)
 Special feature 2018.7.1
We solve central figure "Fuma ninja" of shadow which served Hojo.
Let's become Fuma ninja together!
 Special feature 2018.7.1
Two years to look back toward ji* of business "early cloud again now for Prince" Soun Hojo honoring 500 years.
Year of turning point called posthumously 500 years. Holding such as events
 Special feature 2018.6.26
Kinjiro Ninomiya (sontoku) who carried firewood on the shoulder is what from Odawara!
We introduce the ground of connections such as the birthplace
 Special feature 2018.5.1
Even Odawara can enjoy hot spring! List of "one-day hot spring" spots.
Facilities introduce substantial facility
 Special feature 2018.5.1
"Staff recommended" Odawara reads book of subject, and let's go out to play!
Sightseeing book and eating and drinking book or historical novel
 Special feature 2018.3.1
Cherry tree blooms. We understand all Sakura of Odawara (special site)
Flowering information, event of cherry tree, cherry tree map

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