We know Odawara

 Odawara faces Gulf of Sagami to the western part, the south of Kanagawa and is located in place with Mount Hakone to the west and is area relatively warm throughout the year. 
 It prospers as castle town of rear Hojo for the age of civil strife and is as post town where it may be said that Tokaido is first-rate in the Edo era and town with the history that many politicians and cultured people who built foundation of Japan after Meiji in modern times moved to.
 Including Odawara-jo Castle, there are many tourist attractions that the history and culture brought up, and more than 5000000 tourists visit a year now.


  Access from Tokyo is good, and is the Shinkansen from Tokyo; approximately 30 minutes. Odakyu Line
Even JR Tokaido Line is one. In addition, the Shinkansen is shortest; from Nagoya for 69 minutes,
You can come from Osaka in just a little over two hours.
By the way, Odawara Station five railroads (JR Central (Shinkansen), JR East, Odakyu
In terminal station where Hakone mountain climbing, Daiyuzan) run in, there are five stationmasters
It is station which is rare in the whole country.

 In the case of car, we arrive from Tokyo in approximately one hour when we use the Tomei Expressway.

History tourist city

We walk castle town Odawara

 It is town which can enjoy history sightseeing of each time to modern times from the war-torn country period. In the castles, remains of an ancient structure of the war-torn country period, Odawara ruins of a castle park convey figure of Odawara-jo Castle of the Edo era in now at Odawara-jo Castle contour and stone wall Yamaichi night.
 In addition, the Meiji period later, posture, a part of house and villa are released to many cultured people and business executives on residence as inheritance to remind me of those days.
 In addition, there are a lot of tourist attractions to be able to enjoy in fishing port and naughtiness land, families including flower center.
Comfortable nature
 Fresh marine products
 In Gulf of Sagami, the rear, Odawara embraced in Hakone and the mountains of Tanzawa is endowed with nature of mountains and seas in front.
 From rich forest, abundant nourishment is supplied to the sea from river and brings up many fishery products.
 It is rich and, as well as excellent articles for sale such as Odawara taste and kamaboko, pickled plum, citrus fruits, brings food culture full of color.


Festival of castle town

We feel merchant culture

 Odawara that prospered as old castle town, post town and port town. Many events are still carried out including festivals having been continued since those days.
 In spring and autumn tourist season, some event is held almost every week and shows bustle among other things.
 For "Hojo 5s festival to be held in May," tourist more than 200,000 comes in a day above all every year.

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