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Odawara-jo Castle
Tourist attraction
Restaurant - meal -
We can enjoy fresh marine products
Shopping - souvenir -
Kamaboko and plum, introduction including dried fish
Hotel - accommodations -
Resort hotel and business inn
Experience - experience -
We experience occupation of Odawara

What's New

  • July 05

    Morning market of Odawara, port

    [the date] Cf. holding calendar [place] Odawara fishing port We look forward to your coming with fresh fish and local articles for sale which we just fished early in the morning together.

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 Special feature 2018.12.1 update
"Town walk forum in Odawara, Japan" held decision
Let's experience occupation, town walk of residence garden culture!
 Special feature 2018. 11.30
We learn Fuma ninja! Experience! Bodily sensation! We renew history information building!
We are going to open in April, 2019
 Special feature 2018.11.1 update

We experience taste and form of 12 Odawara kamaboko, characteristic of each each shop including texture

ri kikamabo start of "Odawara kamaboko"
 Special feature 2018. 10.22
Project of "Odawara local fish masterpiece war" is active!
"Fatty tuna mackerel stick" of new product which untied the body of mackerel
 Special feature 2018. 10.10 update

The mountains of "sightseeing in 8, Hakone village way" Hakone place hard to pass (ken) of the world

Do you not walk way although being a pleasure?
 Special feature 2018.10.1
Book "Odawara walk map" is now on sale! Odawara-shi official recognition!
Guide of Japan's most detailed Odawara
 Special feature 2018.9.1 update
We solve central figure "Fuma ninja" of shadow which served Hojo.
Let's become Fuma ninja together!
 Special feature 2018.7.1
Two years to look back toward ji* of business "early cloud again now for Prince" Soun Hojo honoring 500 years.
Year of turning point called posthumously 500 years. Holding such as events
 Special feature 2018.6.26
Kinjiro Ninomiya (sontoku) who carried firewood on the shoulder is from Odawara!
We introduce the ground of connections such as the birthplace


  • Nebukawa tortoise Sakura Festival

    Period From the end of February, 2017 to the middle of March [place] Nebukawa district We look down by early blooming than Yoshino cherry tree, and thick pink flower blooms for addition and subtraction. We hold in Nebukawa district.



Odawara ruins of a castle park

Tourist attraction on behalf of Odawara. We can enjoy various flowers in whole year. In addition, many events are held.

Odawara fishing port

It is a 5-minute walk from Hayakawa Station. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which fresh seafood can eat.

Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle where Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed castle headquarters of Odawara battle overnight. View can overlook Odawara well.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

It is Shinto shrine dedicated to Kinjiro Ninomiya.

According to kamaboko

The head office of kamaboko sets up the eaves.

Prince Soun Hojo image

It is at the west exit of Odawara Station.

Odawara flower garden

We let go through a year and can enjoy flower.

Hermitism bower

It is garden of Marquess Osanari Kuroda.

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Ninja Training Experience Available in Odawara Castle! For more information, check out the promotion movie above. Let's have fun with us in here. Be the FUMA NINJA!




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