The 49th Ume Odawara Festival

Ume Odawara Festival

As for Soga Umebayashi becoming main venue of "Ume Odawara Festival", it is from two Bairin of Bessho, Nakagawara opening in hometown of Soga brothers whom even story of revenge is known to, Soga area. Of white plum blossoms, besides, can enjoy Japanese apricot with red blossoms for admiration and plum which hang down, and is fragrant everywhere in machinaka Bairin including plum, and drifts.

In Odawara, pickled plum is famous, but, as for the plum, hometown, Soga is from.
Against a backdrop of Mount Fuji and the mountains of Hakone, approximately 35,000 plums are in full glory all at once, and Mount Fuji to look at is chosen for "Fujimi 100 view of Kanto" by this ground. During period of plum Festival, they dance Odawara lantern of horseback archery (thicket shark) and folk art dance, and kind of Kotobuki lion dance and pickled plum transfers, and meeting, skin of mandarin orange transfer, and unique events such as meetings are performed.

In addition, stand is established in each venue, and pickled plum which is special product or plum wain, plum jam are sold other than amazake or oden.
Approximately 250 plums are planted in Odawara ruins of a castle park and are place where is popular as shooting spot.
In addition, we can enjoy pretty plum blossoms in Odawara flower garden, Tsujimura plant park.

We update on flowering situation January 10

The plum flowering situation
 Soga Bairin blooming precocity
※We are going to flower on January 25
 Soga Bairin late flower
 Odawara ruins of a castle park blooming precocity
 Odawara ruins of a castle park late flower
The plum flowering situation
 Tsujimura plant park blooming precocity
 Tsujimura plant park late flower
 Flower garden blooming precocity
 Flower garden chusaki
 Flower garden late flower
The 33rd horseback archery

Date February 11, 2019 Monday (holiday)

※In the case of bad weather, we postpone on Sunday on 17th
●Shinto ritual    : From 12:15 to 13:00
●We shoot performing arrow shooting within shrine grounds, auction :From 13:00 to 14:30
Place Ume Soga Hayashibara district
The participants Japan archery and horsemanship society Takeda style school
<< to person coming to Shimo-Soga Station by train >>

At JR Gotemba Line Shimo-Soga Station of the nearest station, IC cards such as Suica, toica, PASMO are not available.
Please buy ticket to Shimo-Soga Station beforehand.
Homepage of each plum Festival venue

Soga Bairin (Sogabessho plum Festival Tourism Association)

Odawara ruins of a castle park

Odawara flower garden

Tsujimura botanical garden

Cooperation business

・Until period from Saturday, February 9 to Sunday, March 10
・Mt. place Matsuda Nishihira field park (Matsuda-machi)
・Inquiry 0465-85-3130 (tourist association) /0465-83-1228 (sightseeing economy section)

・Until the period late February and mid-March
・Place Nebukawa, Odawara-shi district
・Inquiry 0465-29-1393/0465-28-1122

・Date Sunday, March 3 from 10:30 to 15:00
・Place Odawara-jo Castle outworks of a castle open space
・Inquiry 0465-29-0830

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