The 70th Odawara-jo Castle Chrysanthemum flower exhibition

It is got close as autumn pastime that gives poetic charm and holds "Odawara-jo Castle Chrysanthemum flower exhibition" to reach the 70th in this year as follows. We will hold in Odawara-jo Castle main enclosure open space under the castle tower which finishes great repair of Heisei, and was reopened.

Including pocket paper synthesis flower bed where we displayed miniature of Odawara-jo Castle in pocket paper, please see gem of the making of chrysanthemum which loads with great deal of effort including large chrysanthemum, bonsai, spray chrysanthemum, and was brought up.

Period from November 3, 2020 to November 15

Time from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Venue Odawara ruins of a castle park main enclosure open space

About 600 points of number of the display

Display work large-blossomed chrysanthemum, tubular-petaled chrysanthemum (fruit), bonsai, seven makeup, the making of Dharma, FUKUSKE, spray chrysanthemum, cut flowers, reference flower (including yokiku, classic chrysanthemum), pocket paper synthesis flower bed


※We do not perform consultation made with chrysanthemum which we performed in usual, chrysanthemum seedling sale this year.


It is a 10-minute walk from the Odawara Station east exit
Odawara ruins of a castle park main enclosure open space

 ※Under preparations 

Large chrysanthemum

With thing with 18cm or more diameter of flower, we classify in "large-blossomed chrysanthemum" "tubular-petaled chrysanthemum" "broad thing" (of Hiro) by star. Large-blossomed chrysanthemum is further divided into "large-blossomed chrysanthemum" "Atsushi run" "grasping in a general way".

▶ Large-blossomed chrysanthemum (atsumono)

・Large-blossomed chrysanthemum (atsumono)
Thing that several hundred pieces of petals swelled into a scale form highly orderly for one point of center of center of a flower is good flower.
・Atsushi run (atsubashiri)
Bag-like thing which was accompanied straight by long run valve radially is more greatly seen with good flower under the flower of large-blossomed chrysanthemum.

▶ Tubular-petaled chrysanthemum (fruit)

Tubular petal grows straight for a long time, and thing that point of petal is small, and ball roll-formed, part of center of a flower is cup form, or it was into a bamboo tea whisk form firmly is good flower.
"Large pipe" divides "kankan" into "narrow tube" with size of pipe.

Classic chrysanthemum

Classic chrysanthemum is called by the old place name with generic name of chrysanthemum which accomplished area unique development by protection encouragement of lord of each place in the middle of Edo era. (Kiku Saga) ・(Kiku Ise) (Kiku Higo) (Edo chrysanthemum) (Kiku Mino) (Oshu chrysanthemum)

Spray chrysanthemum

With chrysanthemum which spray chrysanthemum is improved in the Netherlands, and returned in Japan, it features that flower blooms in the letter of spray emission all together. In late years improved progress in Japan is remarkable and is exported.

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