Sightseeing in Harajuku, Oda excursion bus "umemaru"

Sightseeing simple in castle town of a lot of highlight by route bus!
Sightseeing excursion bus becomes all year service from last year and travels on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays except New Year holidays.
You can get on and off freely, and, in daily free ticket, let's see the sights in discount!

Guide by association of NPO corporation Odawara guide conducts the inside of car of umemaru and can enjoy in bus.
※When conducting tour guide is absent, we may guide by automatic sound.

In addition, as privilege at the time of the daily free ticket purchase, admission charges of facilities such as Odawara-jo Castle castle tower and NINJA building, Fumi Odawara school are discounted, and free of charge guide of popularity is available in "single night-jo Castle historical park" and "Oda original occupation interchanging hall".

Please enjoy castle town circulation full of charm of history, gourmet, nature in "Harajuku, Oda sightseeing excursion bus umemaru" which is recommended to excursion in tourist attraction in the city.

Service period Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (except New Year holidays)
Rate 500 yen, primary schoolchild 250 yen free to do daily free ticket getting on and off
Sale place ・Odawara Station east exit first bus platform
・The Hakone mountain climbing bus Odawara station square information desk
※Daily free ticket becomes payment only for cash.
※For route bus, ride with fare is usually possible, too.
 In the case of fare, please usually pay with pro-traffic IC cards such as cash or PASMO, Suica.
Service motor carrier Hakone mountain climbing bus 0465-35-1271

・With holding such as sightseeing events, we may change service route and timetable.
・In the case of the crowdedness, we may inform of the following bass.




●Service day

The Matsunaga Memorial

Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Occupation hall which interchanges

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