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  • Cherry blossoms bloom. We know all Sakura of Odawara (special site)

    Flowering information, event of cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms map

  • Fishing port station TOTOCO Odawara November 22, 2019 opening

    Sale and eating and drinking of local fishery products such as fresh fish, live fish and processed marine products

  • We learn Fuma ninja! Experience! Bodily sensation! "NINJA building" is born in Odawara ruins of a castle park!

    2019 opening

  • The mountains of "sightseeing in 8, Hakone village way" Hakone place hard to pass (ken) of the world

    Do you not walk way although being a pleasure?

  • Two years to look back toward ji* of business "early cloud again now for Prince" Soun Hojo honoring 500 years.

    It is year of turning point called 500 years after the death. Holding such as events

  • Kinjiro Ninomiya (sontoku) who carried firewood on the shoulder is from Odawara! Movie is released for 2,019 years!

    We introduce the ground of connections such as the birthplace


  • Odawara cherry tree Festival

    Period The late March and early April   Flowering information, event of cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms map

Odawara-jo Castle

Tourist attraction Odawara-jo Castle on behalf of Odawara.
It was gradually maintained expansion as the center base of Kanto rule after becoming castle of war-torn country daimyo Odawara Hojo in around 1500 and scale of castle was greatest and reached when we completed contour which surrounded castle bottom for the next attack of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and developed in castle in the Japan's biggest Middle Ages.

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Odawara fishing port (Hayakawa fishing port)

It is a 5-minute walk from Hayakawa Station. Even the whole country that sees kutsukomi, and arranged place that was land in expression originally is rare fishing port. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which seafood which is fresh in the outskirts can eat.

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Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle where Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed castle headquarters of Odawara battle overnight. Stone wall at the time is seen. View can overlook Odawara well.
In addition, sweets are in shop to be able to enjoy.

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Around Odawara Station

Photogenic tourist attraction centers around Odawara Station. As souvenirs such as local specialties are substantial in harune underground shopping center, drop in at return cliff by all means.

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Hermitism bower

As annex of the Nagashige Kuroda (we seem to drain) marquess who played an active part in the Meiji era, it was built in 1906. We can overlook Sagami Bay and Mount Hakone overlooking Manazuru Peninsula and Oshima from main building on day when it was fine.

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Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine who is next to Odawara-jo Castle. It is Shinto shrine to enshrine Ninomiya (Kinjiro) sontoku. There is stylish opening cafe with open feeling.
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According to kamaboko

The head office of kamaboko sets up the eaves and can take a walk through wall without wall freely. 30 stores including dried fish shop, dried bonito shop, restaurant, restaurant, Japanese confectionery shop are streets to link.
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Running out of Komine bell no stand Ohori

Hojo built large-scale dried foss and fieldwork for neighborhood about 9km to surround Odawara-jo Castle and the castle bottom by (1590) in 1590 for battle with Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
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The beach of going out

The shore which we can walk from Odawara Station. It is scenic and can look around Izu Peninsula and Miura, Boso Peninsula. It is recommended to stroll in the shore on fine day.
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Odawara flower garden

Park to be able to enjoy flower and green throughout the year
About 200 kinds of "plums" are in full glory in "Bairin of mountain stream" where tropical plant accounts for about half of park area in "tropical dome greenhouse".
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Fumi Odawara school

In Fumi Odawara school, we introduce Odawara native place and life and work of writer of connection by permanent construction display and special display widely.
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