Event information

  • Odawara lantern summer festival

    [the date] Saturday, July 29 .30 days Sunday [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park outworks of a castle open space others

  • Odawara Sakawa River fireworks display

    [the date] Saturday, August 5 19:10~20:00 [place] Sakawa River sports open space
    [the number of] 10,000

  • Morning market of Odawara, port

    [the date] Cf. holding calendar [place] Odawara fishing port

    Let alone fresh fish which we just fished early in the morning, we wait for coming of with dried fish, kamaboko, Satsumaage made specially in Odawara, local articles for sale including local vegetables and fruit together.

  • (the end) Odawara-jo Castle hydrangea blue flag Festival

    [the date] From Saturday, June 3 to 18th Sunday [place] Odawara-jo Castle Honmaruhigashi moat, blue flag garden

    When it is June in blue flag garden in Odawara Joto moat, blue flag opens flower against a backdrop of hydrangea.

    By "Odawara-jo Castle hydrangea blue flag festival held to flowering," you can admire fantastic flowers different from the day by direction of lighting up other than branch at night.


  • Recruitment of Odawara lantern dance experience classroom participants

    We raise one to practice on stage on the day of "Odawara lantern summer festival", and to want to dance.

  • Recruitment of temporary workers (part-time job)

    It recruits temporary workers (part-time job) at the Odawara-jo Castle castle tower.

  • TV broadcast information

    It is information of TV program televised about Odawara.

  • Official Facebook

    We send sightseeing information of Odawara in real time!

Fireworks display offer

Offer period from June 1 to Friday, June 30

Offer period from Thursday, June 15 to Friday, July 28

Offer period from Monday, May 15 to Friday, June 16

Weather forecast of Odawara

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