■News of recruitment of staff
  It recruits the regular staff of adoption in October, 2018.

Event information

  • (6/19) where hydrangea is in full bloom still more

    "Odawara-jo Castle hydrangea blue flag Festival" was finished on Sunday, June 17, but hydrangea is still in full bloom. Please enjoy colorful hydrangea blooming in Honmaruhigashi moat.

  • (the end) Odawara-jo Castle hydrangea blue flag Festival

    [the date] From Saturday, June 2 to 17th Sunday [place] Odawara-jo Castle Honmaruhigashi moat, blue flag garden

    When it is June in blue flag garden in Odawara Joto moat, blue flag opens flower against a backdrop of hydrangea.

    By "Odawara-jo Castle hydrangea blue flag festival held to flowering," you can admire fantastic flowers different from the day by direction of lighting up other than branch at night.

  • Town walk forum in Odawara monitor tour in Japan

    Three town walk stories that guide spins

  • GO! Hojo - history live Gunji Hojo and Mr. common soldier Jack & second generation rope biography ...

    [the date] Sunday, July 22 [place] Yokohama-shi Castle volost Kozukue center
    Soun Hojo & five generations collaboration talk show and participation type game, quiz meeting!

  • Odawara lantern summer festival

    [the date] Saturday, July 28, 29th Sunday [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park outworks of a castle open space others

  • Odawara Sakawa River fireworks display

    [the date] Saturday, August 4 19:10~20:00 [place] Sakawa River sports open space
    [the number of] 10,000

  • The Japanese town walk forum in Odawara play Bent third

    Attractive lecture to wait, and to develop walk
    Lecturer Junsuke Tanaka (NPO corporation Nagasaki compliance Dole secretary general)
    2018/9/3 Monday 19:00 ...

  • Morning market of Odawara, port

    [the date] Cf. holding calendar [place] Odawara fishing port

    Let alone fresh fish which we just fished early in the morning, we look forward to your coming with dried fish, kamaboko, Satsumaage made specially in Odawara, local articles for sale including local vegetables and fruit together.


  • News of recruitment of staff

    It recruits the regular staff of adoption in October, 2018.

  • Recruitment of name University of Odawara fishing port area "street"

    We raise the names of Odawara fishing port area "street".

  • Sakawa River fireworks display pay seat ticketing

    We sell paid seat ticket of fireworks display from June 18.

  • Offer of Sakawa River fireworks display message fireworks

    We raise one that wants to launch message fireworks of Sakawa River fireworks.

Tourist attraction access several run homer King

Odawara ruins of a castle park

Tourist attraction on behalf of Odawara. We can enjoy various flowers in whole year. In addition, many events are held.

Odawara fishing port

It is a 5-minute walk from Hayakawa Station. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which fresh seafood can eat.

Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle where Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed castle headquarters of Odawara battle overnight. View can overlook Odawara well.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

It is Shinto shrine dedicated to Kinjiro Ninomiya.

According to kamaboko

The head office of kamaboko sets up the eaves.

Prince Soun Hojo image

It is at the west exit of Odawara Station.

Odawara flower garden

We let go through a year and can enjoy flower.

Hermitism bower

It is garden of Marquess Osanari Kuroda.


Weather forecast of Odawara

Odawara to enjoy in photograph

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