In (12/13), the castle tower of Odawara-jo Castle is closing for periodical cleaning today. We cause trouble.

  The Tokiwagi gate, history information hall are open as usual.

Event information

  • Iiizumi Kannon fair of Dharma dolls

    Period December 17, 18th
    [place] Iiizumi Kannon fair of Dharma dolls

  • Odawara New Year's Day first swimming

    [the date] The beach shore (3, Honcho) of 2018/1/1 [place] going out

    With the first sunrise of a new year that is the beginning of new age, member of association of Odawara swimming enters the sea during the cold season and prays for security and health of the sea and celebrates the New Year with tourist who came to see the first sunrise of a new year.
    ※General one cannot participate.

  • The 48th Ume Odawara Festival

    Period 2018/2/3 - 3/4 [place] Soga Bairin / Odawara ruins of a castle park

    We can enjoy pretty plum blossoms in Soga Bairin, Odawara ruins of a castle park, flower garden, Tsujimura plant park.

  • The 32nd horseback archery

    Period 2018/2/11 [place] Soga Bairin

  • Fantasy show ... which cherry tree illuminations - light and sound weave in winter

    Period From Saturday, December 9, 2017 to Sunday, March 4, 2018
    Time: From 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Place: The Odawara-jo Castle castle tower and main enclosure open space

  • Morning market of Odawara, port

    [the date] Cf. holding calendar [place] Odawara fishing port

    Let alone fresh fish which we just fished early in the morning, we look forward to your coming with dried fish, kamaboko, Satsumaage made specially in Odawara, local articles for sale including local vegetables and fruit together.

  • (the end) "colander chrysanthemum garden" (Suzuki's house)

    Period About the end of October - about the end of November
    [access] Original Prince of Odawara Station east exit flower garden, prefectural Suwa
          "In front of colander chrysanthemum garden" for garden getting off
    We put great deal of effort, and Suzuki resident in Kuno, Odawara-shi brings up colander chrysanthemum of 1,500 in garden of home. Free opening.
    [URL] https://www.facebook.com/zarugikuen
    [TEL] 0465-34-4925

  • (the end) Odawara-shi agriculture Festival

    Period 11/18, 19 [place] Odawara-jo Castle outworks of a castle open spaces

    Other than spot sale society of fresh farm products produced in area, we perform events such as display of refreshment stand and milk cow, free distribution of milk, experience with rice cake.


  • We built more FreeWifi spots

    New what 5 point built more free Wi-Fi environment.


    We improve non-illness while getting Pokemon 
    Odawara "town walk course full of the history and culture"

  • Temporary exhibition "bond - Odawara-jo Castle of Odawara Hojo and branch castle ~"

    We focus on bond of Odawara Hojo and display exhumation shitakawarake (earthenware vessel) and ceramics, stoneware, wooden goods, ironwork by Odawara-jo Castle and excavation of the branch castle.

  • Gather; is Odawara campaigns of the whole country

    Family name makes entrance rate of the Odawara-jo Castle castle tower free in object toward "Odawara".

  • Odawara-jo Castle TripAdvisor Excellence authorization

    It was authorized Excellence in TripAdvisor (trip adviser) Odawara-jo Castle!

  • On Odakyu to Odawara

    On Odakyu to Odawara

  • The fifth world one ninja deciding match result announcement

    It is announcement as a result of the fifth world one ninja deciding match held on August 27.

Offer information

  • Under sightseeing calendar sale

    We are selling "sightseeing in Odawara calendar" which we cut and took to six pieces of photographs by the four seasons and event of Odawara.
    Prize-winning work of "four seasons sightseeing photograph contest of Odawara" is calendar of the center.

  • Recruitment of four seasons sightseeing photograph contests of Odawara

    Through the four seasons of Odawara, we raise photographs which expressed sightseeing Odawara targeting at scenery, festival, sightseeing event, manners and customs, nature, tourist facilities.

  • Recruitment of instruction volunteers made with Odawara lantern

    We learn how to make Odawara lanterns and recruit volunteers who can cope with experience-based classroom of primary schoolchild and school excursion, lantern production corner by event, making of lantern classroom of other various groups.

Tourist attraction access several run homer King

Odawara ruins of a castle park

Tourist attraction on behalf of Odawara. We can enjoy various flowers in whole year. In addition, many events are held.

Odawara fishing port

It is a 5-minute walk from Hayakawa Station. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which fresh seafood can eat.

Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle where Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed castle headquarters of Odawara battle overnight. View can overlook Odawara well.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

It is Shinto shrine dedicated to Kinjiro Ninomiya.

According to kamaboko

The head office of kamaboko sets up the eaves.

Prince Soun Hojo image

It is at the west exit of Odawara Station.

Odawara flower garden

We let go through a year and can enjoy flower.

Hermitism bower

It is garden of Marquess Osanari Kuroda.


Weather forecast of Odawara

Odawara to enjoy in photograph

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