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  • Summer vacation parent and child history lesson commemorative for Odawara opening the Edo shogunate 500 years

    Period 2018/8/16 - 8/22 [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park Fixed point guide by guide popular in Odawara-jo Castle targeting at with parent and child of summer vacation and special plan that stamp rally can enjoy at the same time

  • Grand Sumo Tournament Odawara place

    [the date and time] Friday, August 24 8:00~15:00 [venue] Odawara arena

  • Statement meet of the 15th kaigairobai

    [venue] The curtain is going to rise at 13:00 on Odawara civic center coliseum [the date and time] Sunday, August 26

  • Village Fuma Festival of ninja

    Period 8/25, 26 [place] Odawara ruins of a castle parks You can enjoy stage performance and ninja experience or branch. We hold world one deciding match.

  • Summer ... which comes, and is given festival ... forest and tree

    [the date and time] Forest of Saturday, September 8 [venue] Odawara-shi rest, forest Park wampakurando of Odawara child, Forest adventure Odawara others

  • The 20th ODAWARA essa hoi dance

    Period 2018/9/15, 16 [place] Odawara-jo Castle outworks of a castle open spaces

  • The twelfth Odawara film festival cinema Topia 2018

    Period Saturday, September 8 The curtain is going to rise at opening 17:30 at 17:00 [place] The Odawara-jo Castle copper gate

  • Odawara post town festival

    Period 2018/09/29   [place] According to Odawara kamaboko (the neighborhood of 3-6-23, Honcho, Odawara-shi)


  • (the end) Recruitment of the sixth world one ninja deciding match participants

    It recruits participants of the sixth world one ninja deciding match held on August 26.

  • Around Odawara fishing port family name was decided!

    We had much application, and around Odawara fishing port family name was decided!

  • Odawara-jo Castle TripAdvisor Excellence authorization

    It was authorized Excellence in TripAdvisor (trip adviser) Odawara-jo Castle!

Tourist attraction access several run homer King

Odawara ruins of a castle park

Tourist attraction on behalf of Odawara. We can enjoy various flowers in whole year. In addition, many events are held.

Odawara fishing port

It is a 5-minute walk from Hayakawa Station. There are restaurant and souvenir shop which fresh seafood can eat.

Stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

Ruins of castle where Hideyoshi Toyotomi assumed castle headquarters of Odawara battle overnight. View can overlook Odawara well.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

It is Shinto shrine dedicated to Kinjiro Ninomiya.

According to kamaboko

The head office of kamaboko sets up the eaves.

Prince Soun Hojo image

It is at the west exit of Odawara Station.

Odawara flower garden

We let go through a year and can enjoy flower.

Hermitism bower

It is garden of Marquess Osanari Kuroda.


Weather forecast of Odawara

Odawara to enjoy in photograph

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