We update on flowering situation February 23 of plum

Place Classification The flowering situation Place Classification The flowering situation
Soga Bairin Early blooming
We are scattered, and full bloom ~ is the beginning
Tsujimura botanical garden Early blooming
We begin being scattered
Soga Bairin Late-blooming
Eight minutes - full bloom
Tsujimura botanical garden Late-blooming
From four minutes to seven minutes
Odawara ruins of a castle park Early blooming
The end
Flower garden Early blooming
The end
Odawara ruins of a castle park Late-blooming
We begin being scattered
Flower garden Late-blooming
It blooms for seven minutes

Event information

  • Nebukawa tortoise cherry tree

    Period From March 1, 2017 to March 26 [place] Nebukawa district

    We look down by early blooming than Yoshino cherry tree, and thick pink flower blooms for addition and subtraction. We hold in Nebukawa district.

  • Cake Festival

    Period 2017/2/25 .26 from 10:00 to 16:30 [place] harune Odawara
    Events that can touch charm of cake including experience-based classroom made with display, spot sale corner and Japanese sweet showing the skill of cake craftsman are varied.

    [reference] Odawara-shi Economic Department industrial policy section 0465-33-1511

  • The 47th Odawara plum Festival

    Period 2017/2/4 - 3/5 [place] Soga Bairin / Odawara ruins of a castle park

    We can enjoy flower of pretty plum in Soga Bairin, Odawara ruins of a castle park, flower garden, Tsujimura plant park.

  • Day campaign of ninja

    Period 2017/2/2 - 2/22
     In Odawara-shi tourist association, put together on (February 22 Nin Nin Nin) on day of ninja and perform "day campaign of ninja" to have many people know Fuma ninja whom we served for Hojo five generations more.


  • Recruitment of Hojo 5s Festival participants

    It recruits sandaishi*koyaku of Odawara Hojo 5s Festival of May 3 (celebration) and 5s he direct position and Musha of each unit. You will participate in Musha line, too.

  • Recruitment of children in a Buddhist procession (flower Festival)

    We hold "flower Festival" in Odawara-shi Buddhism society. Child
    In hope of having you keep the body of state and healthy growth of heart
    We raise "ochigosan".

  • Recruitment of sightseeing monitors

    Odawara-shi tourist association which carries out various sightseeing events through the year
    Then it recruits "sightseeing monitors" recently to improve event to more attractive thing.

  • Odawara-jo Castle Tokiwagi gate "Tokiwagi gate SAMURAI building" renewal

    We renewed display on October 1, 2016 and became new tourist facility.
    We perform display specialized in arms such as armor or sword and introduce art characteristics of spirituality and arms of samurai.

  • Odawara-jo Castle castle tower reopening

    [date] 2016/5/1 reopening [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park main enclosure open space

    Finish great repair of "new 3, Shiromi, Odawara" Heisei;, in the Odawara-jo Castle castle tower, display contents in the castle tower are renovation reopening, too.

  • Official Facebook

    We send sightseeing information of Odawara in real time!

  • IZU CRAILE (Izu kureiru) Oda Nuclear Power Plant

    Resort train "IZU CRAILE" (Izu kureiru) which enjoys "conversation" "meal" and "liquor" while watching scenery of Izu

  • Original goods sale

    We sell original goods which are available only in Odawara.

Odawara to enjoy in photograph

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