(no company) news of recruitment of staff of Odawara-shi tourist association

 We plan reinforcement of the further organization system as steering position (local DMO) of sightseeing spot management of Odawara. We wait for sightseeing and recruit one having deep judgment and results about making to have you take the central role.
Offer reception desk period from Friday, September 9, 2016 to Friday, September 30   
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Event information

  • Odawara post town festival

    Period 2016/10/1  
    [place] According to Odawara kamaboko (the neighborhood of 3-6-23, Honcho, Odawara-shi)

    Kanagawa brewing 13 storehouse X Odawara kamaboko 13 X Kanagawa craft Tobias

  • Odawara oden Festival

    Period 2016/10/8 .9 [place] Odawara-jo Castle outworks of a castle open space

    It is event that can thoroughly enjoy "Odawara oden" to touch plum miso which made plum produced in Bairin of Odawara Soga, and to eat.

  • Haramizu, Oda lemon Baru

    [the date] October 9
    [place] The Odawara city

  • Odawara-like tray

    Period Around 2016/10/8 [place] Odawara Station

    We perform town nagashio. As we perform ring dance, all of arrival, please participate casually, too.

  • The 26th Hikari Kawahigashi Festival

    Period The 2016/10/15 .16 [place] JR Kamonomiya Station north exit
    We perform force noneputa parade in the daytime at stage event, night.

    Inquiry: Hikari Kawahigashi Festival executive committee 

  • The 32nd single night castle festival

    Period 2016/10/16 [place] stone wall Yamaichi night castle historical park

    We have you taste Old no atmosphere with outdoor tea ceremony, the armor end in castle historical park at stone wall Yamaichi night when comfortable nature and history harmonized and we keep nature alive and hold various events.

  • Revive Odawara "camp of light" ...; is castle ... at stone wall Yamaichi night

    Period 2016/10/23~11/26  
    [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park

  • Mechanism puzzle Festa

    Period 2016/7/16 - 9/24 [place] Hakone, Odawara area

    Other than stamp rally and work classroom annual every year including display of maze is varied, and hold.
    Participation hope apply for event that reservation needs early.

  • Morning market of Odawara, port

    [the date] Cf. holding calendar [place] Odawara fishing port

    Let alone fresh fish which we just fished early in the morning, we wait for coming of with dried fish, kamaboko, Satsumaage made specially in Odawara, local articles for sale including local vegetables and fruit together.


  • Central Japan Railway refreshing walking

    [the date] October 8
    [inquiry] Central Japan Railway telephone center TEL: 050-3772-3910
    Okay, Odawara-jo Castle and oden festival that let's give up, and finished large repair

  • Odawara-jo Castle castle tower reopening

    [date] 2016/5/1 reopening [place] Odawara ruins of a castle park main enclosure open space

    Finish great repair of "new 3, Shiromi, Odawara" Heisei;, in the Odawara-jo Castle castle tower, display contents in the castle tower are renovation reopening, too.

  • Guide and recruitment of walking stone wall Yamaichi night castle walking participants

    [holding] October 16 9:00 ...
    Do you not walk to castle at stone wall Yamaichi night while enjoying the scenery beauty of nature which is full of green?

  • Odawara film festival cinema Topia

    Other than the screening of G-Film, we hold short film contest as place of challenge of the outdoor screening in the Odawara-jo Castle ruins of a castle, young movie director.

  • The 18th castle town odawara two D march

    Saturday, November 19, 2016 .20 days Sunday
    Please thoroughly enjoy while walking the rich history and culture, charm of paths of west sagami in late fall offering nature such as the sea, mountain, river (Odawara, Hakone, Manazuru, Yugawara) slowly.

  • IZU CRAILE (Izu kureiru) Oda Nuclear Power Plant

    Resort train "IZU CRAILE" (Izu kureiru) which enjoys "conversation" "meal" and "liquor" while watching scenery of Izu

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